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Custom Nuclear and Commercial Material Handling Tool Design


Using the proper tool for material handling tasks in the nuclear or commercial industry is essential for everyday operations and efficient plant processes. Trinity Technical Solutions Inc. (TTS) has a fully qualified engineering design team with over twenty years of experience in specialized design of nuclear fuel handling tools, nuclear containers, nuclear sleeves and buckets, specialized lifting bails, and material handling tools of any kind.

The objective of TTS is to meet the customer requirements while conforming to design code standards. TTS specializes in tight tolerancing, thermal distortions, lifting considerations, and interfacing with adjacent components. Other design considerations include operator interfaces, applied stresses, loading variations and material considerations for underwater storage of nuclear components. Every design is plant-specific.

Stress analysis is performed using computerized finite element analysis (FEA) models and/or hand calculations. Our designs meet all applicable national consensus code standards, which are integral to our design process. A complete professional engineer (P.E.) stamped design package is provided to the customer including released fabrication drawings, detailed report write-ups, and structural calculations. TTS offers cradle to grave design support and can also provide fabrication and load testing of the devices at one of our local fabrication shops. 

Design Services Include:

  • Tailored P.E. Stamped Design that Meets the Customer's Requirements
  • Stress Analysis
  • Design Fabrication Drawings (P.E. Stamped)
  • Engineering Reports with Calculations (P.E. Stamped)
  • National Code Compliance
  • Fabrication
  • Load Testing

Do you have a need for a specialty material handling product for nuclear or commercial use? Let us work up a quote for you.