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Custom Below-the-Hook Lifting Device Design

Below the Hook Design DWG Small.jpg

Below the hook lifting devices are classified as a device used for attaching a load to a hoist. The device may contain components such as slings, hooks, and rigging hardware that are addressed by ASME B30 volumes or other standards.

Trinity Technical Solutions Inc. (TTS) has over twenty-two years of experience with custom below-the-hook lifting device design overseen by a professional engineer (P.E.). Our services include a full line of design, analysis, fabrication, and load testing of below-the-hook lifting devices. We also provide modifications to existing below-the-hook lifting devices. Our below-the-hook lifting devices are fully in accordance with ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1 consensus code standards. Code standards are integral to our design process. TTS is in full compliance with ASME marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of below-the-hook lifting devices.

TTS products include custom lifting beams, custom spreader beams, custom pallet lifters, custom lifting tongs, custom fork lift beams, and custom hooks of working load limits up to 1000 tons. No job is to large or too small.

Stress analysis for below-the-hook lifting devices is performed using computerized finite element analysis (FEA) models and/or hand calculations. A complete engineering design package is provided to the customer which includes professional engineer (P.E.) stamped documentation. 

Our fabrication processes are top notch and quality controlled. All materials used for fabrication require actual certified material test reports showing compliance to ASTM standards.

In Summary, Below-the-Hook Lifting Device Design Services Include:

  • Tailored P.E. Stamped Design that Meets the Customer's Requirements
  • Stress Analysis
  • Design Fabrication Drawings (P.E. Stamped)
  • Engineering Reports with Calculations (P.E. Stamped)
  • National Code Compliance
  • Fabrication
  • Load Testing
  • Load Testing Reports
  • Photos

TTS provides services to the greater United States and North America. Do you have a need for a specially below-the-hook lifting device? Let Trinity Technical Solutions Inc. solve any lifting problem you may have. We would be honored if you would let us work up a quote for you today.