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Rigging Pick Point Products

We currently offer ten Rigging Pick Point solutions to get your job done.  To help you determine what Pick Point is best for your application please visit the choose the right pick point page.

Our Rigging Pick Point solutions have been proven to work in several government and industrial applications to assist in piping removal and installation, equipment lifting installation and removal, hatch lid and concrete floor cutting stabilization and lifting, or provide equipment sliding and bracing assistance.

There are endless possibilities and applications where Rigging Pick Points can be used where overhead cranes, duct jack lifts or gantries cannot be used due to space restrictions or obstructions, and lifting attachment points are not available.  Simply install a Rigging Pick Point in the location where needed near your equipment in a concrete ceiling, steel structure or concrete wall, or install several Rigging Pick Points where needed, then attach your commercial rigging components to lift, lower, swing or rotate your load into position for installation or removal.

Rigging Pick Points are also approved OSHA fall arrest or restraint anchor points based on their yield strength.  OSHA regulations require that a fall arrest anchor point have a 5000 lb capacity.  This is inturpreted as meaning based on yield strength.  Our 5K single and plate rigging pick points meet these requirements, and can be used for fall arrest systems.

Click below to view individual specifications, installation instructions, warnings and product information specific to each rigging pick point.  Also see the Pick Point Information page for general information.

Note: up to 5 business days may be required for assembly of the devices prior to shipping.