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2,500 lb Plate Pick Point (Part No. 01-08)


The 2,500 lb working load limit (WLL) Plate Rigging Pick Point is a versatile design that allows the user to quickly install a rigging point in concrete or steel structures using four mechanical expansion anchors or steel bolts.  It has a 2,500 lb WLL in any direction and can be removed and reused in various arrangements.

Rigging Pick Points can be used for lifting concrete blocks, to create concrete anchor points, as attachable lifting lugs or attachable bails, as a lift fixture, creating a lifting point, or for fall arrest or fall restraint applications.


Working Load Limit (WLL) = 2,500 lbs in Any Direction (Assy Only, See Warnings Page)

Load Tested to 125%

Device is Designed to 2:1 based on yield strength per ASME BTH-1.

Swivel Hoist Ring is designed to 5:1 on ultimate strength and load tested to 2:1 (Meets ASME B30.26)

Concrete Anchors are designed to; 4:1 Tension, 3:1 Shear on ultimate strength

Concrete Anchors are Rated for Permanent Installation in Cracked or Uncracked Concrete (ACI-318-14)

Fastening Type: Concrete Mechanical Expansion Anchors or High Strength Steel Bolts (When Installed on Steel Structures)

Dimensions: Approximately 10 inches x 10 inches x 2 inches tall

Concrete Anchor Embedment Depth: 2-5/16 Inches

Minimum Concrete Edge Distance: 6.5 inches for Vertical Loading, up to 12 inches Horizontal Loading

Minimum Spacing Between Plates: 10 Inches

Minimum Slab Thickness: 4 Inches

Assy Wt: Approximately 15 lbs

PART No. 01-08

WARNINGS:  See the Rigging Pick Point Warnings page prior to purchase of any Rigging Pick Point.