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Rigging Pick Point Warnings and Safety Information

Trinity Solutions is not responsible for inadequate installation due to the end user negligence or lack of following the installation instructions.  Please read and conform to all warnings and cautions listed below, as well as all guidance documentation accompanying the shipment.  Adequate installation of the product is essential and will assure safe usage and proper performance.  Make sure to choose the best pick point for your application.

Trinity Solutions should be consulted for any out of the ordinary installations due to unforeseen field conditions or configurations.

WARNINGS/ CAUTIONS:  Prior to installation of any Rigging Pick Point a structural analysis and/or structural evaluation of the supporting components should be performed. This evaluation shall verify that the supporting structure to which the pick point will be attached has adequate capacity for the intended loading.  This function is the responsibility of the end user.  The published working load limit (WLL) of the device is the maximum working load limit for the device and anchorage only, and does not in any way pertain to, imply the capacity of, or stipulate the capacity of the supporting structure to which the Rigging Pick Point will be installed.  The capacity of the supporting structure and the exact installation location should be verified by a qualified person prior to installation and use.  Trinity Technical Solutions Inc. shall not be held responsible for failure due to inadequate structural capacity of the supporting components.  At no time should the structural capacity of the supporting components or the Rigging Pick Point be exceeded.

If the device is to be installed in concrete, the concrete integrity shall be physically verified by the end user.  The device should not be installed on spalling, cracking, or unreinforced (non structural) concrete locations.  A visual inspection and/or inspection of the building structural drawings by a qualified person may be required.

All manufacturer recommendations and installation instructions shall be followed.  Adequate installation of the product is essential and will assure safe usage and proper performance.

When a 2,000 lb Strut Rigging Pick Point is installed in pre-installed strut track, the capacity of the strut track shall be verified as based on the building construction drawings or the strut manufacturer.  At no time should the strut track capacity be exceeded.  The maximum allowed off vertical sling angle when applying a 2000 lb vertical load is 10 degrees (20 degree included angle).  The load shall be reduced by 50% (1000 lbs) at any angle greater than 10 degrees from vertical.

The swivel hoist ring torque on all devices is verified by Trinity Technical Solutions prior to shipment.  The torque shall be re-verified on a periodic basis by the end user.  The end user shall follow all manufacturer recommendations for re-torquing the swivel hoist rings on a periodic basis as recommended by the swivel hoist ring manufacturer literature.

REQUIRED PRE-USE OPERATIONAL TEST:  After the Rigging Pick Point is installed, all loads shall be lifted approximately 1 inch and held for a minimum period of 2 minutes prior to proceeding with any lift.  Ensure all personnel are away from the lifted load during the 2 minute period.  The load shall then be set back down and the rigging pick point and the structure inspected for any evidence of cracking, loosening, or improper installation.  Re-torquing or re-installation may be necessary.

PRE OPERATIONAL INSPECTION:  Prior to any lift all components shall be visually inspected.  The end user shall immediately remove from service any equipment that shows signs of cracking, deformation, warping, pitting, excessive wear, excessive surface rust, or any sign of damage.